building sustainable athletes


We’re Canada’s leader…

in athletic yoga mobility training. We bring unique in-and-off season yoga mobility programs to elite and professional teams and athletes.

Designed to maximize athletic performance, we teach athletes how to systematically move their bodies safer and smarter by integrating yoga mobility coaching into their in-and-off season training.

Increasing strength,improving overall mobility and enhancing mental focus, ATHLETICYOGIS™ builds conscious more sustainable athletes.

Athlete's bodies undergo a great deal of stress while training and competing. Our leading-edge yoga programs prepare athletes for competition by guiding them through sport specific yoga sequences that target weak areas in the body that may be hindering performance and increasing their risk of injury. 

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ATHLETICYOGIS™ has worked with hundreds of North America's elite and professional athletes from the CFL, OHL, NBA, NHL, Team Canada and some of the top universities in Canada. We create programs for teams and athletes of all athletic backgrounds.