AthleticYogis™ designs custom yoga programs for elite and professional sports teams and athletes.

An athletes body undergoes a great deal of stress while training and competing, our leading-edge yoga programs prepare athletes for competition by guiding them through sport specific yoga sequences that target weak areas in an athletes body that may be hindering performance and increasing risk of injury.

AthleticYogis™ has worked with hundreds of elite and professional athletes from the CFL, NHL, OHL, Team Canada and the CIS. We create programs for teams and athletes of all athletic backgrounds including basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, rowing, rugby, snowboarding, soccer, swimming, track and field and volleyball.



All of our Yoga Coaches are highly trained and knowlegeble professionals, who are themselves, former university and college athletes. Understanding the demands and pressures that elite athletes encounter is an important part of the design of our yoga programs and is seamlessly embodied in our yoga coaching.

Our innovative in-and-off season yoga programs are custom designed. Thoroughly researching athletic movement, repetitive patterns and the most common sport specific injuries, we work directly with coaches, strength and conditioning staff, trainers, chiropractors and athletic therapists to plan and outline the most effective yoga conditioning programs for teams and athletes.


Our yoga coaching programs improve athletic performance and promote muscle recovery by building core, back, hip, knee and ankle stability. We focus on increasing overall functional strength, mobility, flexibility and balance as well as developing stronger breathing and mental focus techniques.

We help athletes develop stronger, healthier joints; improve muscle imbalances, prevent injury, increase body awareness, boost cognitive performance and recover quicker after training, competition and surgery.